CV District Prayer -- Week of 4/13/2020

posted on April 13


We are people on the go. Even when we sit in meetings, we are not fully present because our mind is on the next meeting that will take place in ten minutes. So, we excuse ourselves early, only to be fifteen minutes late for the next meeting. We don't pause in between to catch our breath, reflect, and process.
We wear the badge of honor, or more like dishonor, for our busyness. The badge is not a blue ribbon. The badge is our poor health and troubled family and friends because we are living out of balance.
And now, we are forced to pause. But, instead of using this as a time to slow down, we are trying to defy orders from the government and still push the limits to maintain our hectic lifestyles.
Maybe, this could be our time of dormancy, but not complete inactivity. No, we don't stop ministry, but we can re-imagine ministry in a new way. And, we can re-imagine ourselves in a new way.
Like you, I, too, have anxiety and weariness about what is happening in our world. Therefore, I am using this as a time to rest in God while He nourishes my soul. Like the seed in the ground that receives the nourishment from above, we obtain our nourishment from God.
The seed does not spin and toil tirelessly. For a season, it receives, and in its fullness of time, it will bring forth fruit that nourishes others.
Maisie Sparks says, "Be drawn deeper into a relationship with God rather than being driven by a false sense of responsibility that nothing would get done if I didn't do everything." So, receive Jesus' invitation when he says, "Come away with me by yourself and get some rest."
Scriptures for the week:
Monday: Jeremiah 18:1-6. God desires to mold and shape us. The process is not quick and not always pleasant. But, trust the work of God.
Tuesday: Joshua 1:6-9. Finding courage in difficult times. When we battle feelings of doubt and weariness, stay strong in the Lord.
Wednesday: II Timothy 4:9-22. How do we deal with loneliness? Paul was in prison alone. He recognized the presence of God. He also treasured the company of friends. Continue to call and check on one another.
Thursday: Romans 5:1-5. Grace in which we stand.
Friday: Lamentations 3:37-41 When life doesn't go well. God seeks our praise in all things, whether they appear good to us or not.
Saturday: Psalm 46. Confidence in times of distress.
Sunday: James 4:8 Enriching alone time with God. Set goals to spend time alone with God. Commit to pray and read God's Word daily. Commit to obey and apply God's Word daily.
"When our will, our whole heart, enters into the prayer of Christ, then we are truly praying." ~Dietrich Bonhoeffer~ 
Reverend Angela A. Pleasants

CV District Prayer Week of 4132020