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posted on September 09

 Dear Catawba Valley Family, 

For my wife’s birthday in July, I got her a bike. The problem was that due to the pandemic, there has actually been a bike shortage. Seriously. We had to order the bike that was finally delivered on the last day of August. The problem was that on the cover of the box were the three most dreaded words to me: Some Assembly Required. Those three words have been my nemesis for all of my adult life. They have caused Santa to leave notes to our children saying that the elves just couldn’t get everything put together in the workshop. Those three words have routinely caused the worst disagreements of our marriage (Pam is a saint!). Those three words hurt.

But the box contained a video showing how the bike could be put together. On the video (which I watched AFTER working for about an hour), I kid you not, in real time, it took the guy 9 minutes. 9 minutes. It took me a total of three and half hours to put the bike together. I had to take Tylenol before going to bed and had to endure the recurring question, “Why don’t we just wait and get someone to put it together for us?”

The obvious truth is that there are things (like some assembly) I cannot do, or at least things that don’t fall into my “giftedness”. I need to rely upon others so that I can learn. There are wonderful resources available if I would just utilize them. That is true not only for bike assembly, but for ministry. I am not alone! There are people who can teach me! We are not alone… there are people who can teach us!

Our district is going to start a monthly zoom series called “Some Assembly Required”. We are blessed that Christ UMC in Hickory will be starting it for us as they teach our district about tech helps for worship. It will be on Sunday, September 20, at 4 p.m. (either in person, socially distanced; or on Zoom). In future monthly meetings (zoom only) we will be discussing things from race relations to General Conference. You will be able to ask questions in the chat box and then the “episodes” will be uploaded to our district website so you can view them later. The whole idea is just to learn from the genuinely GREAT ministry taking place in the Catawba Valley District!

There is some assembly required… but hear the good news: You are NOT alone! Let’s keep at it and bust a groove for Jesus!

In Christ’s Service,
P.S. Does anybody know how to keep a bicycle seat from swiveling around?


 This will be a 3-tiered presentation:

  • Part one will focus on the basics of getting started with online worship
  • Part two will go into more detail on how to produce a quality streaming event
  • Part three will go even deeper into how to make a strong commitment to using technology and streaming into the future of the life of your church

We are so thankful to the team at Christ UMC for sharing with us what has worked and what has not worked for them in their efforts to "connect with the disconnected"!

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CV District News Tech Help Session