COVID Guidelines

posted on March 02

COVID Update- 3-1-2022
The Bishop and Cabinet continue to be extremely grateful for all the many ways that you have led faithfully through these two years of the pandemic.  We thank you for being the church.
We remain committed to our biblical mandate to “love our neighbors as ourselves” and our Wesleyan call to “do no harm” as Covid slowly moves from a pandemic to an endemic.  As we share these new recommendations, we do so asking that we all continue in the spirit of Philippians 2, “thinking more highly of others than ourselves.”  

  1. Please continue to use your Covid Safety team to make the best decisions for your particular context.  The recent information from the CDC and Governor Cooper can be helpful guides for your work.
  2.  In many places, you may choose to begin making masks optional for indoor worship and other ministry activities.  Please be mindful that the youngest among us still cannot be vaccinated and thus special precautions should be taken in children’s ministry areas. Let us also extend grace to one another as some youth and adults will still need to be masked.
  3.  Stay home if you do not feel well.  Get tested if you have COVID-19 symptoms, or if you have had close contact with someone with confirmed COVID-19.  We recommend the wearing of masks following a Covid infection or exposure.
  4.  Singing in worship with or without masks should be determined by the best judgement of the Covid Safety Team. The use of hymnals and bulletins is ok as well.
  5. Your church may also choose to share in meals once again. We continue to encourage our renewed practice of proper handwashing and sanitizing before and after meals.
  6.  We urge you to continue on-line worship, not only for those who cannot yet be in crowds, but also for those who’ve found a community of faith through your virtual presence.  The Conference stands ready to resource you as you seek excellence in both in-person and on-line worship, Bible studies, and other discipleship opportunities.

As we enter into the season of Lent, a sacred time of fasting and self-denial, let us continue to care for one another and pray for resurrection light for those for whom this has been an extended season of darkness.