2022 Charge Conference Information

posted on August 25

Dear Pastors and Administrative Council Chairs,
It is time to prepare for the annual charge conference meeting for your church or charge. We hope that you will find the information here helpful as you complete this important work.
Catawba Valley District will hold our 2022 Annual Charge Conferences in clusters through our Missional Networks, in October and November.  These will be presided over by the District Superintendent, Rev. David Christy. Your missional network leader will be in touch with you regarding your charge conference date and time. It is mandatory that all pastors be present for their charge conference.

Agenda of Charge Conference

  • Gathering Music (supplied by the missional network)
  • Welcome and Prayer – Missional Network Leader [5 minutes]
  • Presentation of the Work of the Missional Network [Up To 15 minutes] – we encourage you to be as creative as possible for this. Tell the story about what your missional network has done or hopes to do in the future
  • Scripture – Caroline Wood, District Vitality Associate
  • Homily – David Christy [10 minutes]
  • Communion (Missional Network please supply the elements)
  • Voting of Necessary Items for Charge Conference (see below). We will vote one church at a time.
  • Closing Song “Blest Be the Tie That Binds”
  • Sending Forth – David Christy

Voting Items for Each Church

  • Recommendations for the 2023 Clergy Compensation
  • Nominations and Leadership Development Report for 2023 including those persons serving on the Nominations Committee
  • Approval of any Lay Servants, Lay Speakers, or Lay Ministers
  • Approval of any Candidates for Ministry
  • Approval of any Names to be removed from the membership roll

Important Notes

  • Detailed Charge Conference Reporting Instructions - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!! Even if you're a "pro", some things have changed!
  • Submittable Forms, Clergy Compensation, and the new Fund Balance module ALL open for entering data ON SEPTEMBER 1, (and not before).
  • Remember, a ten-day public notice must be given to the congregation for a charge conference meeting.
  • The Church Council or Administrative Board MUST approve the 2023 Clergy Compensation and the Nominations and Leadership Development Report prior to the charge conference
  • The 2023 Apportionments have been posted on Church Dashboards. 
  • Health Benefits information has been updated and is available at this link. These figures, as well as pension figures, are correct on the Clergy Compensation Form Module (which will open for 2023 figures on September 1.)

All Reports Required Ahead of Time
All reports are required to be filled out online for review five (5) days in advance of the charge conference date.

  • Clergy Compensation DRAFT - Entered online through the church dashboard. REMEMBER, following charge conference approval, you must go back in to add digital signatures for Clergy, SPRC Chair and Treasurer for final submission and approval by the DS. This FINAL SUBMISSION must take place within 5 days after your charge conference.
  • Final "Official Submission" of reports should be done within 5 days after your charge conference

How to Begin

Think through how you need to schedule committee meetings to complete this work and who needs to help you complete this work. While every situation is different, the administrative council, board, or governing body must approve the pastor’s 2023 compensation and the 2023 Report from the Nominations and Lay Leadership Committee prior to the charge conference. They can approve other items that will then be presented to the charge conference such as Lay Servants and Lay Speakers, Candidates for ministry, and Names to be removed from the church membership roll. They can approve other committee reports that can be presented to the charge conference and included in the charge conference minutes.
The following items of business cannot be conducted at this charge conference without separate authorization:  purchasing or selling property, building programs, or church council restructuring. If for some reason a separate charge conference is necessary, please schedule a conversation with me.


2022 Charge Conference Schedule

Missional Network Listing

Detailed Charge Conference Reporting Instructions 

Health Benefits Rate Chart

2023 Health Benefits Memo

Thank you for attention to the work of Charge Conference preparation. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the district office. 704-865-3580