2020 Charge Conference Instructions

posted on September 15

To view the recordings of the Help Session with Jana Alexander or the Presiding Elders Session with David Christy,
click here: www.cvdistrictumc.org/videos

Charge Conferences must be held between September 15 and November 15. All items required on the Charge Conference Checklist (to be available by September 1) must be completed and submitted online no later than November 18. 

Detailed Steps for 2020 Charge Conference:


​Select and request your date for your charge conference. Use special care in choosing the date for your conference – once authorization is emailed, DATES MAY NOT BE CHANGED EXCEPT UNDER EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Dates must be requested online at least 2 weeks prior to the charge conference date, and before September 5.


There are 3 major components of Charge Conference reports:
  • Clergy Compensation (to be completed 10 days before your Charge Conference)
  • Church Leaders list (to be completed 10 days before your Charge Conference)
  • Other Charge Conference reports
Go to the Church Dashboard for each church in your charge (www.wnccumc.org/dashboard)  to complete all forms, and to complete the online sections for clergy compensation and the Church Leaders list. Look under “Submittable Forms” for the 2020 Charge Conference forms link (available by September 1).

See detailed steps for each component below.


  • Access the clergy compensation form from either the Clergy Dashboard or the Church Dashboard (contact the District Office if you have trouble logging in)
  • Click on “2021 Clergy Compensation” to start a new clergy compensation form for 2021
  • Enter the start date in the upper right corner of the form -- select January, 2021, click on the “1” on the calendar
  • Your Service Time will update once you enter your salary in “Total Amount Compensation”.
  • If you are appointed less than ¾ time, (based upon compensation), you are not eligible for Health Benefits, and the health benefit fields will not populate.
  • If you are eligible for pension, you are encouraged (but not required) to enter at least 1% of your “Pension Plan Compensation” (line 6b) into line 3a (Salary Reduction for UM PIP).
  • PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to line 6a (“Does Pastor live in Parsonage?”). This line may affect your pension calculation / contribution from the conference. Be sure to enter it correctly.
  • “Household Expense Allowance” and “Housing in lieu of parsonage” are DIFFERENT.
    • Household Expense Allowance (3g) = part of the “salary reduction agreement”. This line lowers your taxable wages, and can include household expenses, ie: lawncare, light bulbs, power, gas, water, etc. All clergy can use this salary reduction if desired. The church still pays this amount to you, but it is not included as taxable income. YOU are accountable to the IRS to provide documentation to support this reduction should they ever require it.
    • Housing in lieu of Parsonage (5d) = monies paid to you by the church, IN ADDITION to salary (Line 1 Total Amount Compensation), specifically for housing allowance when a parsonage is not provided.
  1. Do not complete the section “Approvals/Submissions” until *AFTER* your charge conference and all compensation numbers have been approved
  2. Click the SAVE button to save your work

  3. After your charge conference, reopen the clergy comp form and proofread your numbers.  Check “We (names below)…” Type in the names of the clergy and church officers to indicate their approval from the Charge Conference. Then check “Submitted/Ready for Review”. Click the SAVE button to save your work.


**You will NOT find the Church Leaders list as part of the “2020 Charge Conference Forms”. From your Church Dashboard, select “Church Leaders” (left column)
  • Select either “Edit Assignment” or “Add New Assignment”
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT that you provide updated, accurate & complete contact information. We especially need email addresses for all church leaders. Please make special efforts to get email addresses. If the chair or leader does not have an email, please use an email address for another person who agrees to receive email on their behalf. It could be another committee member, or church council member, etc. 
  • The following offices are required:
    • Chair of Governing Body (Ch. Council, etc.)/Contact
    • Church Secretary
    • Church/Charge Lay Leader
    • Finance Chair (Local Church)
    • Finance Secretary
    • S/PPRC (or Contact person if chair does not have email or if there is a Charge PPRC chair for multi-church charge)
    • Treasurer (Local Church)
    • Trustees Chair (Local Church)
  • Use the “End Date” to “end” an assignment for someone. Ex. if they are leaving the position on 12/31/2020, be sure to indicate that.  They will automatically be removed from the position on that date.  If a leader is continuing in a position, be sure their End Date is left blank (or fill in an end date ONLY if you know for sure what year they will end that position). Be sure that none of your leaders have an end date of 2020 unless they are leaving their role at the end of this year.  Otherwise, leave the end date blank.
  • You can leave all other items blank.

  • To add a new church leader, click the green button “Add New Assignment”.  Select the position you are adding. If the person you want to select is already in your church list, click “Pick this Person.”  If they are not on your church list, check to see if they are in our entire conference database by typing their name in the box at the bottom of the screen. **Be careful – if your person shows up in this database, be sure it is the right person and not someone with the same name. If they are not in our entire conference database, click “Add a brand new person to our database”. Enter their contact information and click “Add new contact and create assignment.”


Charge Conference reports will be completed directly online. This means that someone from your church will input all the data that is found on each committee report. You can designate one person, or you can have each committee chair input the data for their own committee.  You will be able to print out blank forms ahead of time, so that each committee can write the information on the form for notes. Forms should be mostly completed online before the actual Charge Conference is held.
  • From your Church Dashboard, click “Submittable Forms” (notify the district office if you need help logging in)
  • Click “2020 Charge Conference Forms” – You can share these forms with other persons in your church for completion via the “Share This” link
  • Below is a listing of the reports in this section – click “Start this Form” for each
    • Agenda and Minutes for Charge Conference (use this to conduct your Charge Conference)
    • Charge Conference Checklist
    • Complete List of Church Committees/Teams (*This is NOT your “church leaders” form which must be updated / submitted through the Church Dashboard)
    • Fund Balance Report (for the previous year)
    • Report of the Finance Committee
    • Report of the Parsonage Committee (if applicable)
    • Report of the Pastor
    • Report of the Trustees
    • Safe Sanctuaries
  • The information from LAST YEAR will appear in the form. Be sure to review and make all needed updates and corrections.
  • Click “Save Your Progress” to save.
  • To print a copy of a form in order to write on it before filling it out online, click “Start this Form” to open the form and fill out at least one field.  Then click “Save your Progress” button at the bottom.  Then click “Print Full Size” or “Print Condensed”.  You can enlarge the size of the printout by choosing advanced options on the print dialog box.  *If you need a blank copy of a particular form, contact Jana at the district office and she can send one to you.
Once all Required Forms in this section are completed, approved at Charge Conference, and digitally signed, you’ll need to “officially submit” your forms.
Enter YOUR NAME in “Submitted By” then click the “Officially Submit My Form(s)” button at the bottom of the Charge Conference forms screen.
  • All required Charge Conference reports, forms, and required minutes must be completed and submitted BY THE EARLIER OF: (1) two weeks after the date of your charge conference, or (2) November 18.  No paperwork will be accepted in the district office.

As always, don’t hesitate to call Jana Alexander at the District office (704-865-3580) if you have any questions!

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