Laity Service Awards 2022

News Article September 6, 2022

The Laity Service Award provides the local church the opportunity to recognize a lay member (or married couple) whose commitment to service has been a key contribution to the life and ministry of the church and provides an encouraging example to others.
As in years past, each Local Church may select only one person (or one married couple) to be awarded the Laity Service Award. If churches are on a Charge, then each church within the Charge may have a Laity Service Award recipient (e.g., a three-point charge may have three recipients). 
On the registration form linked below, you will find the fillable Laity Service Award Selection Form with instructions and guidelines for the selection process. 
Please complete the online registration by no later than October 15, 2022. Forms received after the deadline will be returned. We thank you in advance for understanding and respecting the process.
A certificate will be prepared for each winner, and pins are available for you to pick up in the district office. Each local church may present the award to the recipient in whatever manner you deem appropriate. This could be at your fall Charge Conference, or at some other service at your church. We hope you will make the presentation in some way that will signify that this award is special to the life of the church. No notifications will be sent to the recipients from this office.
Our hope is to ensure our laity know they are celebrated and appreciated for their faithfulness and commitment to the church and to the community. 
On behalf of the Catawba Valley District Board of Laity, thank you for all that you do in your churches.


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