Online Giving to Your WNCC Church

posted on March 25

Online Donations to Churches

 A giving portal is now available to submit tithes and offerings to any United Methodist Church within the Western North Carolina Conference.

To give to a church, a donor would go to the following website:   Follow the prompts to identify the church, along with the amount of the donation. The conference will then remit the donation to the specified church, minus the convenience fees (unless you choose to add the amount of the fees to your donation). Convenience fees are charged by the credit card companies. No fee is being charged by the Conference. In addition there are no service costs for the churches, as there are with other platforms. This is a free resource from the Conference to our churches.

*Donor information is NOT retained and a secured portal is utilized as required by applicable law.

We will remit donated funds on a monthly basis either through direct deposit (churches will be required to submit their banking information) or conference check and postal mail.  Churches will receive an itemized report monthly of the gifts they received including donor name, address, date, amount and any designation. Please contact treasury services for questions - Mark King, Treasurer, (704-714-2323) or Carolyn Hindel, Controller, (704-714-2343).