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posted on July 11


September 16-20, 2019

Duke Divinity School


All too often, renewal leaves are not sought by clergy or their district leaders until a pastor enters a crisis situation. We at Big Sigh
Ministries are changing the conversation from “burnout crisis” to “prevention and ministry resilience” with our GRACE BREAK
program. Through this informative program, we help clergy dream and plan ahead for renewal leaves; we educate church leadership and
Pastor Parish Relations Committees as to the unique, numerous stressors clergy face, the real threat of compassion fatigue to clergy, and
the win-win benefits that occur when a pastor takes renewal time away and returns refreshed, renewed, rested and re-connected with God.

Here’s How:

GRACE BREAK: Planning Your Renewal Leave. This workshop helps pastors begin to dream about time away for
renewal, shows how Sabbath and renewal leave practices are grounded in scripture, helps pastors identify compassion
fatigue and other life stressors they might be experiencing, provides tools for planning, implementing and
communicating renewal leaves with one’s church leaders, District Superintendent, and family, and leads pastors on their
way to reconnecting with God through spiritual formation/renewal leaves.

GRACE BREAK: Caring for Our Pastor. This is a small group study written by Big Sigh Ministries’ founders,
Reverends Jack and Jacqueline Tookey. This weekend study includes topics such as: Jesus’ Pattern for Ministry,
External and Internal Stressors and Pressures of Ministry, Compassion Fatigue, Ministry Resilience, Christian
Accountability and the Nuts and Bolts of Renewal Leaves. Jacqueline and Jack can come to your church, district or
missional network gathering (if several church leadership teams come together) to facilitate this study. Please contact
Jacqueline ( or call 336-337-0401 to schedule your leadership team for this experience.

Renewal Leave Consultations. Big Sigh Ministries’ personnel are available for one-on-one consultations over the
phone, via email or in person (appointment required) to help you develop and implement a plan for renewal leave.
These consultations help pastors brainstorm and focus renewal leave planning in a manner tailored to the specific needs
of the individual. Please contact Jacqueline for more information.

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